Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1) What is CBD MEDS?



CBD MEDS is a fully licensed and insured California Proposition 215 compliant medical cannabis collective which specializes in botanically extracting cannabidiol (CBD) from the cannabis plant. CBD MEDS and all of its products are strictly for medicinal use only. CBD MEDS does not condone the recreational use of cannabis, and only manufactures cannabis products with the intention that they will be used for medicinal purposes. CBD MEDS only accepts electronic payments for its medicines to ensure California sales tax is accounted for with every sales transaction.



2) What is a botanical extraction?
A botanical extraction is the process of withdrawing matter from a plant. CBD MEDS performs botanical extractions to withdraw cannabinoids, specifically cannabidiol (CBD), from the cannabis plant to produce its CBD medicines.botanical extraction


3) What are cannabinoids?
Cannabinoids are a class of diverse chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells that repress neurotransmitter release in the brain. There are over 85 known cannabinoids which have been found in the cannabis plant. The top five cannabinoids which have been most studied for their medicinal uses, and they are CANNABIDIOL (CBD), CANNABINOL (CBN), CANNABICHROMENE (CBC), CANNABIGEROL (CBG), and TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL (THC).

Cannabidiol (CBD)

  • It can provide relief for chronic pain due to muscle spasticity, convulsions and inflammation. Offering relief for patients with MS, Fibromyalgia and Epilepsy.
  • Some researchers feel it provides effective relief from anxiety-related disorders.
  • CBD has also been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth when injected into breast and brain tumors in combination with THC.

    Cannabinol (CBN)

  • CBN has some psychoactive properties, about 10% of the strength of THC.
  • CBN is thought by researchers to enhance the dizziness and disorientation users of cannabis may experience.
  • It may cause feelings of grogginess and has been shown to reduce heart rate.

    Cannabichromene (CBC)

  • Research conducted has shown CBC has anti-depressant effects, 10x those of CBD.
  • CBC has also been shown to improve the pain-relieving effects of THC.
  • Studies have demonstrated that CBC has sedative effects, promoting relaxation

Cannabigerol (CBG)

  • Researchers have demonstrated both pain relieving and inflammation reducing effects.CBG reduces intraocular pressure, associated with glaucoma.
  • CBG has been shown to have antibiotic properties and to inhibit platelet aggregation, which slows the rate of blood clotting.

    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

  • Mild to moderate pain relief, relaxation, insomnia and appetite stimulation.
  • THC has been demonstrated to have anti-depressant effects.
  • Recent research that suggests patients with a pre-disposition to schizophrenia and anxiety disorders should avoid high-THC cannabis.


4) What are receptors?
There are two different but very similar definitions for receptors. (1) an organ or cell able to respond to light, heat, or other external stimulus and transmit a signal to a sensory nerve. (2) a region of tissue, or a molecule in a cell membrane, that responds specifically to a particular neurotransmitter, hormone, antigen, or other substance.Pic 6




5) What are CB1 and CB2 receptors?
CB1 receptors are primarily found in the brain and central nervous system, and CB2 receptors are most in the peripheral organs, especially in cells associated with the immune system.CB1 and CB2 II


6) What is an Agonist and an Atagonist?
An agonist is a substance that initiates a physiological response when combined with a receptor. An antagonist is a substance that interferes with or inhibits the physiological action of another.Pic 7


7) What makes CBD effective when treating medical conditions?
CBD displays unexpectedly high potency as an antagonist of CB1 and CB2 receptor agonists in CB1- and CB2- expressing cells or tissues, the manner with which it interacts with CB2 receptors providing a possible explanation for its ability to inhibit evoked immune cell migration. CBD also stimulates the release of 2-AG, another endocannabinoid that activates both CB1 and CB2 receptor. This information is provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine



8) What medical conditions is CBD good for?
Your doctor may recommend CBD Oil as either a preventive medicine or for the treatment of various autoimmune disorders and other conditions, such as Epilepsy, Autism, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia, and more.CBD Chart II



9) What medical conditions is THC good for?
Should you be a cancer patient, your doctor may recommend RSO Oil, as it may be able to treat any severe pain and/or nausea you may experience while undergoing chemotherapy. Your doctor may also recommend RSO Oil to treat Anxiety Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Pain, Anorexia, and more.THC Benefits


10) What is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory?
ISO/IEC 17025 specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out tests and/or calibrations, including sampling. In most major countries, ISO/IEC 17025 is the standard for which most labs must hold accreditation in order to be deemed technically competent.ISO Accredited Lab Tested



11) Why does CBD Meds use an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory?
CBD MEDS is committed to consumer safety and quality assurance standards, and therefore, any/all of its medicines are tested in an ISO/IED 17025 accredited laboratory. By doing this, CBD MEDS is able to disclose the active ingredients of all its medicines to its consumers by providing professional labeling which helps to ensure accurate dosing by the consumer.cbd medicines


12) What is the Genesis I strain?
CBD MEDS has cultivated and trademarked its own unique CBD enriched cannabis strain which cannot be found by any other company in the medical cannabis industry. After years of research, we narrowed down the top 3 CBD enriched cannabis strains and crossed cloned them to produce our own unique strain which has been trademarked as Genesis I. We are proud to proclaim that Genesis I is currently yielding one of the highest percentages of cannabidiol from any of the extracted oils presently found in the medical cannabis industry.cbd medicines


13) What is the difference between a Schedule I and Schedule II drugs?

Schedule I

Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are:

heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote

Schedule II

Schedule II drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a high potential for abuse, less abuse potential than Schedule I drugs, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. These drugs are also considered dangerous. Some examples of Schedule II drugs are:

Combination products with less than 15 milligrams of hydrocodone per dosage unit (Vicodin), cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, hydromorphone (Dilaudid), meperidine (Demerol), oxycodone (OxyContin), fentanyl, Dexedrine, Adderall, and RitalinSchedule I vs II


14) Why can CBD MEDS not make medical health claims about their products?
The U.S. federal government (including the FDA) maintains that cannabis is a Schedule I drug under the Federal Controlled Substances Act, with no accepted medical use, despite the mounting evidence from the international medical community. As a result, CBD MEDS and its products cannot go through FDA testing, which would enable us to make health claims. Therefore, we are required to state that CBD MEDS and its products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition. CBD MEDS makes no healing, curative or medical claims or warranties regarding its products. If you have a medical condition or illness, please consult your physician.
15) Why does CBD MEDS only take electronic payments for its medicines?
CBD MEDS pays sales tax on the sales of all of its products, and any other taxes and/or fees as required by local, state, and federal law. The transparency we provide about the details of our products for our patients to examine is equally as important as the transparency we provide to the local, state and federal authorities who govern our operations. Therefore, we proactively make it our policy to only accept electronic payments via our website, which helps facilitate our objective to operate within the law.

Pic 19

16) The differences between CBD Vitamin Oil, CBD Oil, and THC Oil.


The quick answer is that CBD Vitamin Oil is a nutraceutical dietary supplement used as preventive medicine, and contains cannabidiol, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and cod liver oil. CBD Oil is a medicine used for treating a wide array of medical conditions and autoimmune disorders, and is predominantly made up of cannabidiol. THC Oil is a medicine used for treating cancer and less of an array of medical conditions, and is predominantly made up of tetrahydrocannabinol. For a more detailed description, please visit our Products Page.



17) Recreational cannabis versus medicinal cannabis


Vicodin and OxyContin are both Schedule II drugs which are lawfully produced for medicinal purposes and prescribed by a doctor. CBD MEDS does not condone the recreational use of either of these two drugs, and does so no more or no less than the recreational use of cannabis. CBD MEDS strictly operates with the desire, determination, and intention to help people who are searching for the best medicinal cannabis products available in the medical cannabis industry. CBD MEDS does everything within its means to try to ensure that its oil extracts and gel capsules are produced and delivered only to people who have a doctor’s prescription and are really in need of them.

cbd medicines


18) Side Effects

We recommend that cancer patients who are taking THC Oil consult with their doctor about the possibility of reducing certain synthetic medications such as steroids, painkillers, morphine, etc. When possible, ceasing the use of synthetic medications within 7 to 14 days after starting THC Oil should be considered. Mixing synthetic medications with THC Oil can produce undesirable side effects, as certain synthetic medications and the THC Oil will all contend for the same receptor sites, making the power of the THC Oil less effective. In addition, patients who have heart conditions, high blood pressure, and diabetes should closely monitor their levels with their doctors over the first 3 months of taking CBD Oil.


19) Fighting Cancer

Your doctor may recommend ingesting cold pressed hemp seed oil 45 minutes before taking THC Oil as a method to help create new receptor sites for the THC Oil’s molecular structure to bind onto. When the cancer is gone or the condition is under control, your doctor may recommend taking a preventative/maintenance dose of either THC or CBD Oil monthly. Physicians have also been known to advise that their cancer patients ingest the seeds from 2 different apples each day to obtain the vitamin B17 (The seeds should be split or chewed, otherwise they may pass through the body whole). Many private cancer treatment centers use B17, as cancer hates B17. Finally, be sure to stay away from sugars, as cancer loves sugars.

cbd medicines


20) What is CBD MEDS long term goal?

When the day comes that the FDA reschedules cannabis from a schedule I to schedule II drug, our first objective will be to file an FDA application for the testing of our medicine. We would be grateful to someday be respected by the pharmaceutical industry as a company whose ideals and quality medicine separates itself as a leader in the medical drug industry.


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