CBD MEDS, INC. is a Section 215 compliant collective located in Southern California. We are dedicated to advancing our unique, botanical extraction process as an alternative solution to current day synthetic medications. We are proud to produce authentic, CBD medicine for preventive care and medical treatments. Our CBD medicines are all-natural and lab tested for safe, medicinal use, and DO NOT contain any of the following:

  • No Herbicidescbd medicines
  • No Pesticides
  • No Chemical Fertilizers
  • No Toxins
  • No Preservatives
  • No GMO
  • No Gluten

It is our belief that Cannabidiol (CBD) and other important cannabinoids will someday prove to outperform many of the synthetic drugs humans have been consuming for over the last 100 years.



About our CBD Medicines

It is our belief that cannabidiol (CBD) offers the most therapeutic and medicinal benefits found in any cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. We also believe that the medicinal benefits of an enriched CBD cannabis plant are superior to an enriched CBD hemp plant. Our reasoning is that a CBD hemp plant contains zero amounts of THC, and we believe that THC plays a vital role in CBD’s efficiency, and here is why. CBD and THC are the two biggest cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, with CBD alone accounting up to 40% of the plant’s extract. Based on the medical results from our patients who have taken CBD oils from both the cannabis plant and the hemp plant, we firmly believe that the two most significant cannabinoids (CBD & THC) were meant to work together. Therefore, until the science is available to prove us wrong, we have decided to not supply, offer, or endorse any CBD products which come from a CBD hemp plant. Instead, we have cloned our own CBD strain called Geneis I, which has very low amounts of THC in it, with the objective that it will not disrupt or interfere with a patient’s daily life. A good analogy we can use to help support our theory goes like this. If THC was a vehicle’s alternator and CBD was the engine, then anyone could turn the ignition, but if the alternator is not present, one cannot fire up the engine!

CBD Medicines
cbd medicines

A True Story

Several years ago, when Lawrence’s mother Elizabeth was stricken with the autoimmune disorder Polymyalgia, she suffered undesirable side effects from the prednisone prescribed to her. Elizabeth had a friend named Cathy, who was afflicted with Crohn’s Disease. After years of trying different synthetically prescribed medications to no avail, Cathy discovered cannabis oil and credited it for being the remedy to finally relieve her symptoms. Elizabeth went on to try the cannabis oil, and nine months later, her blood tested negative for Polymyalgia as her symptoms subsided. The joyful experience lit a flame of desire for Lawrence to passionately go out and research everything he could about cannabidiol. The rest is history and now in the making.


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